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Nickname for LB Corps


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Sat around thinking the other day about the famous Area 51 composed of the late great Sean Taylor and the hopefully still beastly LaRon Landry. Has anyone realized this?

Orakpo 98

Kerrigan 91

Fletcher 59

McIntosh 52

Total 300

Is it "gimmicky" to give another nickname based on what player's jersey numbers add up to?

But 300 makes me think of the movie with bad-***** Spartans running around brutalizing people. Similar to what these guys have been doing this season.

Perhaps they should be called the "Phalanx" which was a military formation used in Ancient Greek Warfare....maybe I have too much time on my hands at work today?



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Yeah really. Why do Redskin fans always want to give every aspect of our team a nickname? Nicknames are earned and usually given by outsiders over time.

Yeah...I get it if teammates started calling Cooley Captain Chaos or something. But to try to label each player or position group a month after they become Redskins is a little odd to me. Having said that, I probably should have just stayed out of here and I apologize to the OP as I realize this is fun for a lot of fans.

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Its like Doc Walker has a bunch of ES names and keeps coming back trying to Nickname everybody on this team.

Nicknames just happen. They aren't planned and when that's attempted, they fail.......like the Dirtbags.

Being the team for Washington, we already know what they WOULD be if you get a group that comes together for a bit.

The Department of Defense

CapitalNational Defense

Area 51 was never "real". Meast was never "real".

Cooley invented Capt Chaos. Not some fans or Walker.

Its organic, its natural.....it just happens. If you need to start a thread looking for a name or suggesting one.....its already not happening.

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