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The 2-0 and 0-2 Clubs: Pretenders/Contenders and Race for Luck


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Well, 2 weeks in: We have 7 teams at 2-0 and we have 7 teams at 0-2.

2-0: Who are the pretenders and who are the contenders?

Packers:2-0-- The Superbowl Champs are definitely contenders and look to repeat as NFC Champs and NFL Champs.

Lions:2-0-- Finally some joy for long suffering Lions fans. As long as Stafford stays healthy, the Lions should be returning to the playoffs.

Redskins:2-0-- I would say the Skins are contenders, especially given the current state of the NFC EAST. If they want to cement that status and not slip in pretender status; they need to win 2 out of the next 3 games. Until they show me though, I'm not budging from an 8-8 finish.

Texans:2-0-- I think Peyton Manning can legitimately be named the MVP of 2 teams. Without him, The Colts stink. Peyton just masks all the Colts weakneses. Also, with Peyton being gone; Texans should cruise to their first playoff birth. Contenders.

Bills:2-0-- Probably a pretender though I did have them at 8-8. They can jump to contenders by beating both the Pats and Jets once and sweeping the Dolphins.

Jets:2-0-- They are contenders but not as strong as some think. No third straight trip to AFC Championship this year.

Patriots:2-0-- They should have a great regular season record. There defense though could be their achilles heel in the playoffs.

Out of the 7, I say at least 4 make the playoffs. Maybe 5.

0-2: These teams are in the race for Andrew Luck; or can they turn it around?

Dolphins:0-2-- They suck and I doubt Sparano lasts much longer. Either him or Todd Haley will be fired first. They will definitely be in position to draft Luck.

Colts:0-2-- Peyton really masked alot of the Colts weaknesses. I think they will win some games; so they won't be in position to get Luck but should be in a position to get one of the other QBs. Caldwell isn't a lock to survive though. Not with Fisher and Gruden and even Cowher available.

Chiefs:0-2-- My pick for the first coach to be fired and the winner of the Luck sweepsteaks.

Vikings:0-2-- Mcnabb last year wasn't a fluke, you are done as a QB.

Panthers:0-2-- Newton is the real deal; they will need to surround him with players.

Rams:0-2-- Disappointing, though I think they will at least win 5-6 games now. Might not save their coaches job though.

Seahawks:0-2-- Will be drafting in the Top 5.

None of the 0-2 teams will be able to bounce back.

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