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Has had 28 catches and 3 TD's in his last 4 games against us! I think he's the only guy who Champ sometimes has a little bit of trouble with. I know one of the TD's was David Terrell absolutely sucking last year and giving up a huge play in zone coverage by choosing to stand there and let Toomer run right past him, get open, catch the pass, and run for a TD before Terrell laid a finger on him. But in the other games i remember Toomer beating Champ for one TD. That doesnt usually happen! We gotta shut him down this week!

Shockey has absolutely destroyed us, and Smoot has to be physical with Hilliard or our secondary could have a rough day.

But I think Smoot will cover Hilliard, Champ will step up and take Toomer, and Bowen/Ohalete will answer the challenge and shut down Shockey.

Now all we have to do is protect the edges from Tiki, and the ball when we have it. And we should win!

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In the last two years, Champ has either been matched up to a side of the field rather than to an opposing WR (under Lewis), or has been forced to play off the line of scrimmage in man coverage or in zone coverage (under Marty).

While Toomer is a smart WR with skills, lets not get too pessimistic about Champ against him.

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