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Best Album of the 1970's


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Pink Floyd Dark - Side of the Moon

God, you guys are boring.

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London Calling > The Clash IMO

London Calling came out in 1980 in the US. I consider it the best album of the 80s. (Though Rolling Stone lists in the 70s).

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Marvin Gaye's What's Going On

That's a solid call.

I can't decide which Stevie Wonder album is better - Songs in the Key of Life or Innervisions. Whichever one you like could make a solid case.

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Hmm. I'd like to say London Calling or What's Going On or Who's Next or maybe Exodus (Bob Marley) because they all are great and I like them...

but the real answer is, of course, the massively overplayed Led Zeppelin IV. That thing is ridiculous from beginning to end.

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(Not in order)

1.) What's Goin' On?

2.) Chicago II (extremely underrated album)

3.) Dark Side of the Moon

4.) Who's Next/Live at Leeds

5.) Frampton Comes Alive

6.) Abraxas

7.) Exodus

8.) London Calling

9.) The Ramones

10.) Tower of Power's Back to Oakland

Honorary mention:

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Didn't mention any of Zepplin's stuff. This isn't because I'm not fond of them, but I don't know enough about them as a band to list any of their albums.

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If you count London Calling it's a tough call between that and Led Zeppelin IV but people are forgetting Sticky Fingers. And Dark Side of the Moon, meh, I agree with LKB on this one though I do like it. Also, where does Rumours fit in here?

Sticky Fingers isn't the best Stones album of the 70s. Exile on Main Street and Some Girls are both better.

Man, I forgot about Rumours. That is the tightest collection of pop music every made, by far.

Forgot Ramones.

True. Can't identify the great album there. "The Ramones" is the most influential, but I like "Rocket to Russia" best.

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