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After two games, one thing is clear: Rex Grossman is the best QB we have ever had in Redskins history


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I know Atlanta Skins Fan has been blowing the horn for Grossman for awhile, and admittedly, I was skeptical at first, with all his charts and whatnot, but after two games, I'm prepared to jump in headfirst, and maybe even go one further.

We're about to get ridiculous up in this *****!

Rex Grossman is, without argument, the best quarterback that has ever suited up in Burgundy and Gold.

Note: I don't actually believe any of this.

Don't believe me? Consider these numbers as Ironclad proof.

Through two games, Rex Grossman has thrown for 596 yards, a 298 yards per game average. Do you know what that translates to over a 16 game season? I'll tell you, it's 4,768 yards. Do you know what the Skins all-time record is for passing yards? 4,109 in 1986 - Jay Schroder. Grossman is going to shatter that mark.

I wonder how many fish are going to take the bait on this hook?

Further, Grossman is on pace to throw 32 passing touchdowns this season. The Redskins old mark is 31 by Sonny Jurgensen in 1967, so that's another checkmark in the Grossman column! Stick to the announcer's booth Sonny, it's time for real men like Grossman to toss the pigskin.

Insulting Jurgensen...that should get a few people riled up!

Looking at Jurgensen's mark of 31 reminded me of something....Grossman is only 31 years old! He's got at least six or seven good seasons left. Considering the Skins team records are 25,206 passing yards and 187 passing touchdowns (Theismann, Baugh) I see them not only falling, but being destroyed, all by the glory that is Rex Grossman, our new leader.

Some of you idiots have been mocking Rex with that stupid missive penned by ThePhatFree or whoever created it, unleasing the dragon, **** it, I'm going downfield, good Rex/Bad Rex, and this picture:

This is where the Grossman picture was....you all know which one.  Left the image tags on purpose.

Well I'm telling you to knock it off...but I'm not a complainer, I'm a fixer, so I have created an alternate image to assist you in your praise of Grossman henceforth.


Please take note of the following four points that I have outlined:

1. Rex Grossman does not have some sort of odd gray lump growing out of his right arm, nor is it a miniature building. You will note by the blast off imagery in his right triceps that Rex Grossman has a rocket arm. Maybe he doesn't actually, but it sure seems that way watching the game, and I though it was an appropriate touch.

I couldn't resist this little touch, though it may give this whole thing away as a joke.

2. Rex Grossman has thrown the ball through a wall. Self explanatory.

3. Rubble which was created from #2.

4. Rex Grossman's hair. Luxurious.

Piss off...I'm comfortable with myself.

You can point to things you might percieve as flaws, such as his two interceptions. One was a obviously a receiver's fault. The other...merely a hiccup on the path to greatness, and I have it on good authority that Adrian Wilson needed minor chest surgery after intercepting that Grossman fastball. Rex Grossman's porridge is too hot for most defenders.

Just remember, Rex Grossman may occasionally get sacked, but that's pretty much always the O-Line's fault. And it doesn't matter, because Rex Grossman wears number eight. When he gets knocked on his side, that just means Rex Grossman is about to dial it up to infinity. It's our job as Skins fans to hold on for the ride.

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Rex Grossman wears number eight. When he gets knocked on his side, that just means Rex Grossman is about to dial it up to infinity.

:ols: that's an awesome line.

I like the writeup.

ninja fishing notwithstanding, I had a good laugh

Rex might not be the best ever, but he's the best we've had in about 20 years (by a long shot), which is a good enough step forward.

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Is this a Polywogg thread?!?!

No, I am of sound mind. Most days.

This has to be a joke thread.

It is not, Rex Grossman is the truth. I should have listened to Atlanta Skins Fan earlier. Yes it's a joke.

Redzone performance yesterday was bad, but against the giants the redzone performance was good, unless you saw something that I didn't

You tell GHH what's up. He hasn't come around on Grossman yet, but I have. I'm ready to believe. That he's an able caretaker.

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Agreeing with GHH...but also, am I the only one missing said "alternate image"? My curiousity is peaked, but I don't see it in the post...

Is photobucket blocked at your office? The image is my hand-drawn homage to Rex Grossman. It probably wouldn't fetch much at an auction, but it was a 10-15 minute labor of love.

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I think it's interesting that people say we haven't had a franchise quarterback since Theismann. That's definitely not true anymore. Grossman is this franchise's quarterback, which makes him what? A franchise quarterback.

Nice artwork there, Cletus. Are Grossman's eyes really blue? I don't think so. Kudos for drawing his rocket arm to scale though.

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I'm actually a little concerned that some of you think this is funny. I mean, the MS Paint job was intended to be amusing, mostly because I can't use the program for crap. But I'm actually serious about the stats...Grossman is a young 31. There's every reason to believe at this rate that he may exceed most if not all of our team's passing records. Which would make me sad in the .0001% chance this actually occurred.

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