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So many comebacks in one game you have to smile


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Whether it was Trent Williams or Reed Doughty coming back from a shaky outing against the Giants or Grossman and Gano coming back from a shaky start against the Cardinals. This team kept redeeming itself. Players who were down bounced back. Others held the rope long enough so that they could get a chance.

Heck, you could say the entire oline bounced back today. Grossman had some very nice pockets and time.

And ultimately, because of this the team bounced back and won.

It's good to see players step up and get better or overcome a bad effort and not become down on themselves or a constant drag on the team.

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I couldn't agree more.

One thing I liked that Tampa's coach said to his players after the Bucs topped the Vikings: "Stats are for losers. What matters is if you win."

That's the same attitude Hightower had all week leading up to the game today. I really like the new feel and attitude with the group of players we have this year.

My heart skips a beat just thinking about playing Dallas next week (with Landry hopefully back)

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The most consistently good portion of today's up and down day was the offensive line.

The line played excellently. It handled heavy early blitz pressure until the staff countered with runs and screens. The success there ended the Cards ability to generate any real pressure at all. Last week the line got weaker as the game wore on. Here it got better and better and deserves credit for dominating in both the run game and pass protection.

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