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Picks, Pats, and Pardons Week Two...


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Last Week: 11-5

Season: 11-5

Redskins: 0-1

Against the Spread: 3-1

Lock of the Week: 0-1

Last Week's Pats: 11-5 is a solid start, but no doubt my prediction of the Bills to win in KC stands out above the rest. I am also rather proud of my hot start against the spread, with all three games I predicted to cover doing so easily.

Last Week's Pardons: Thanks Browns...way to make my first lock of the year go down in the flames. But my biggest pardon goes to the Bears...I had Atlanta pegged as a fairly solid road winner last week, but Chicago throttled them in every fashion. I predicted the Bears to go 8-8 this year and while I'm not ready to back away from that stance quite yet, no team made we rethink my long range predictions after one week more than the Bears.

This Week's Picks

Seattle at Pittsburgh: A shockingly bad performance by the Steelers in week one; almost appeared as if Pottsburgh was still reeling from their loss in the Super Bowl. There may not be a better team for them to "get right" against than Seattle, who would sit dead last on my power rankings list....if I had one.

Steelers 30, Seahawks 13



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LOCK of the week: BILLS

I know you JC, I know you very well........BILLS

Well Oaklands defense might get some turnovers and their running game is great. JC has a winning record over there not really doing anything much at all. Kind of like the first few games of 08 when we couldn't lose. When their rbs start getting banged up they'll lose repeatedly.

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Every year there are a couple of teams that start hot and then fade (2008 Redskins). This year I tagged the Browns and Bills as those teams. Browns fell totally flat while the Bills made a compelling case. I like Buffalo this week, but I think it stays close. LOVE the Bucs in Minny.

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Just thought I'd mention, the Redskins are 1-0, not 0-1.

(Yes, I know. But you didn't expect to pick against the Skins and not get picked on for it, did you?)

I think that is his record picking for or against the Skins.

Anyways across the board I agree with all the picks. I think the Ratbirds might shutout the Titans.

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