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Carlos Roger on KHTK Sacramento Radio Talk Show


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So I was listening to KHTK Sacramento Talk Show while I was at work and they had Carlos Rogers on. They asked him a lot of questions but one I thought was super funny. They were saying the Cons of being a Corner and asked why he picked to play that position. He then said he was the second best WR on his High School team and Auburn is who moved him to Corner. So he would have liked to be a reciever. I was almost crying from laughing so much when I heard this.

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I'm curious as to who was the #1 WR on his HS team that beat out a D1 prospect in Carlos Rogers. I take it Carlos played corner in high school also to give Auburn some kind of justification to recruit him. Because those hands are awful at receiving.

Well nevermind. I guess anybody could beat out Rogers in the depth chart at WR.

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