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Giant snail invasion being battled in Miami-Dade


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Giant snail invasion being battled in Miami-Dade

The silent, slithery invasion of an army of Giant African Snails in a southwest Miami subdivision has federal and state agricultural officials launching a time-consuming expensive counter-attack to remove the large slimy creatures.

"It's us against the snails," said Richard Gaskalla, director of plant industry at theFlorida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

The snails, of the species Achatina fulica, can grow up to 10 inches long and four inches wide and are considered one of the most damaging land snails in the world. They eat at least 500 different types of plants, lay about 1,200 eggs a year, and can carry a strain of non-fatal meningitis. Prolific breeders, they contain both female and male reproductive organs and live as long as nine years.

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Nah, this just isn't cutting it.

Unless they're zapping tanks with death rays from their antenna and smashing planes out of the sky, it's nothing but a tease.



No snail trail jokes? This board is getting too mature for me.
Authorities were hopeful they had a lead on where the snails were planning to group, however the trail they followed simply led to the dancing poles of a local strip club.
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