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Probably about how we should have drafted Cam Newton. (Yes I mean trade away enough draft picks to move up to #1) Because he had a better game than Grossman?

Or about how we should cut Landry b/c he's on the juice and will never be healthy again.

Or about how we need to go gold on gold

Or about how the mods on here are horrible and CLW's

Maybe he's speaking on behalf of people who would do unwritten things to Rex Grossman and Mike Shanahan if they win the Super Bowl.

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I actually emailed him last offseason to complain about the fact that they were asking for full payment from STHs. I emailed him right after other teams started to announce their plans, and some were not requiring full payment.

Anyways, he responded with a very brief email, but it seemed like it was actually him who responded. I wrote back, and he never responded to that one. But I was really glad to get the first response.

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Dear Mr Allen,

I am not emailing you to complain about the state of the Washington Redskins.

In fact, I think the leadership of our front office is one of the strengths of our team.

I work for Luck Stone, one of the largest crushed and decorative stone companies in the world. The work they do is great but what is amazing is the core values that Luck Stone stands for. Leadership, Creativity, Integrity and Commitment are our core values.

Honestly no matter what I write to you can express how much this has changed my life and my perspectives. It has ignited my human potential. This is not some hokey meditate in a drak place type of thing. This is real and if you were interested Im sure someone from our company would love to make a difference and ignite you human potential.

Even though I consider you successful and a leader, a true leader knows there is always room for growth. Even if you dont implement these specific values to the Redskins, you yourself could benefit from them. Here is our company website. www.luckcompanies.com.

If you are interested sign up and Im sure someone would love to get in touch with you.

P.S. I do not have any monetary gain in sending you this. Please keep in mind that I have a passion for progress and personal growth and I have a passion for my favorite team in all of sports The Washington Redskins.

Keep up the good work. I would love to hear from you, any feedback would be appreciated. (And I would get a kick out of it.)

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would the email be something like this?


My name is Mayya.

I to look a structure at a site. You to interest me as the man. To me to want it is more to know about you. Now it is very difficult to find the person whom to begin the present friend. Not speaking about the man to go a life together. And consequently I have decided to write to you the letter. It is a little to write about itself.To me of 28 years, single. As To love sports, I do not smoke. My friends speak about me that I very interesting person and they very much like to communicate with me. To not know what to write about itself. If to you to become interesting, you to write to me the letter.

I to answer you it is more about myself.

Mine e- mail:

there I can show more photo from mine a life and tell about myself.

I shall wait very much your answer.

With good wish Mayya.

Bay Bay.

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