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ES: What just happened to me (health wise)


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I was laying in my bed with a straw in my mouth on these forums about five minutes before it happened. I dont remember exactly what position I was in but I dont think I was laying down. Im relatively young (early 20's) and all the sudden this tingly sensation ran up my body and knocked me out for about 10 seconds to the point where I stopped moving and stopped thinking.

It was kind of like complete detatchment from the world and while there was no pain it was so weird because I guess it was like I was in my body but I wasnt thinking and its like I was braindead

Its like my entire body was flooded with a tingly sensation and it worked its way up from low to high and kind of left me not thinking and I guess "paralyzed". While that happened it was like an out of body experience where I just stopped thinking completely and felt detatched to my body. it was BY FAR the weirdest feeling i've ever felt.

once it was over I was slanted leaning against my bed (I think: memory kind of fuzzy) and there was some saliva leaking out of my mouth. Im a completely healthy weight, in shape, recently got a physical everything was sound.

All I can think of for this is stroke or seizure.. Im not the type to make a big deal out of this stuff and I honestly dont care that much for my own safety im just so beside myself about what this was I just have no idea it was SO weird. Beyond desciption.

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Closed for obvious reasons. Should the member like to give us an update on their condition,they can PM a mod. Otherwise,I'd rather not leave this open. I can't emphasize enough to everyone here why these types of threads should be avoided. Way too many obvious reasons why. One of them is that while someone is wasting their time trying to get ES to help them find out what could be wrong with them,their condition could be getting worse. Again,this is not WebESMD and all the googling in the world probably isn't going to be enough help someone with their physical and /or emotional health problems. That's a job for the experts in real life.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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