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Gawker:Woman Upset That Six Flags Rescued Her Dog From Her Hot Car, Then Lost Him.


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Meet Shalanon Brooks, the kind of functionally retarded person you encounter frequently in Southern California. Shalanon is the owner of a Pomeranian whom she named "Malibu." (See first sentence.) She didn't just buy Malibu, but was actually prescribed Malibu for "emotional support." (See first sentence again.) Shalanon went to spend a day riding roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain, but when she realized the strap of her Louis Vuitton dog carrying-case had broken, she opted to leave Malibu in her car with the windows cracked open and some water and food. (See— Enh. You know the drill by now.)

More at link....

Park security freed the dog, then lost him.

Sad situation all around, but WTF? Everyone knows you don't carry your dog in a Lois Vuitton bag. That's a job for a Coach bag.

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Ok, so if the strap on her bag didn't break... she was going to take the dog into the Park and put it in the box where you put accessories when you get on the roller coaster? Nah, I think she was planning on leaving the dog in the car the whole time.

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Honestly, people who have these dog carrying cases ought to be flogged.

What a useless hunk of junk that does nothing but turn an otherwise healthy dog into an over-clingy over-needy screaming pain in the ass.

I saw a woman in the store the other day with a lab puppy in one of these things.. handle on it like a piece of luggage, rolling along behind this woman.

A friggin' LAB.

Poor dog looked bored to death.


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Everyone knows you don't carry your dog in a Lois Vuitton bag. That's a job for a Coach bag.


The other night my wife and I noticed a dog, lying perfectly still, in the back of a Hummer H2 in the local mall parking lot. Turns out, the owner was some English-challenged kept woman who was working on her third consecutive hour sitting at the bar in the mall's Ruby Tuesday's, berating the poor girl behind the bar for not serving drinks to 19-year-old kids with whom this woman apparently wanted to get cozy.

This all became fully evident only after an anonymous concerned citizen (thankyouverymuch) called animal control and asked how one might discern between a sleeping dog in the back of a locked novelty truck, and a dead dog in the back of a locked novelty truck. Animal control, in light of that question, elected to send someone out to investigate and then inform the mall and vehicle owner of the issue.

Due to a combination of circumstances, sadly I wasn't around for the actual moment of the confrontation. I am told that words were exchanged.


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