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Looking for big improvement next week in the shotgun


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Some of the biggest plays Rex made in week 1 were made in the shotgun. No, I'm not talking about his passes. I'm talking about catching the high and wide or blooper snaps. Rex managed to snag at least five and kept the play going that could have been disastorous. Luckily, Rex seems to have some hoops skills. It got to the point where he was jumping with each snap.

Maybe it was first game jitters by Montgomery because we weren't seeing that in the preseason, but that is something that needs to be worked on or it is going to result in several very big negative plays soon.

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I noticed that too.... I agree it needs to be corrected to eliminate a horrible game changing bad snap, but not only that it messes up the timing of the drop and the play and everything... I imagine Shanny will have him working on those snaps all week....

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