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NFL.com Power Rankings. Redskins 17th


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1 - Packers

2 - Pats

3 - Ravens

4 - Eagles

5 - Texans

6 - Bears

7 - Saints

8 - Jets

9 - Chargers

10 - Lions

11 - Steelers

12 - Cowboys

13 - Falcons

14 - Raiders

15 - Bucs

16 - Bills

17 - Redskins

18 - Cardinals

19 - Giants

20 - Jaguars

21 - Niners

22 - Bengals

23 - Rams

24 - Browns

25 - Vikings

26 - Dolphins

27 - Colts

28 - Titans

29 - Panthers

30 - Cheifs

31 - Broncos

32 - Seahawks

Jets and Bucs seem high to me.


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Cowboys... showed the ability to lose a game they should've won. That shouldn't be rewarded.

The Cowboys will ALWAYS get the benefit of the doubt no matter if deserved or not. There is no reason right now for them to get anything. They finished 6-10 last year, and lost their 1st game. Afterwards, I heard several media guys on ESPN (where else?) talking about how the Cowboys really weren't expected to even be in the game, and just "almost" winning is kind of a victory in itself. (paraphrasing) :ols:


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Raiders defense looked great when they weren't making retarded penalties, and run DMC can run. Cowboys, and this is trying to be nonbiased, lost to a possible super bowl contender in a hard fought game. They will get their wins this year, it's not like they are a bottom feeder in the league. For just one week into the season the ranking really doesn't mean much. A bad loss to arizona and we're back down in the 20s, a convincing win and we're top 12. We looked great in our opener, but it was at home vs a banged up giants team. We had cooley and landry out, two guys who are better than anyone they are missing, but they undoubtedly suffered some harsh injuries so far.

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