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(AutoBlog) Burning BMW lifted by heroes to save trapped biker (w/video)


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Burning BMW lifted by heroes to save trapped biker

There are times in life when you have to push aside reason to make a life changing decisions. Heroes often recall their acts as almost a "black-out" where their instinct dictates to their body it was time for action. In the video you are about to see you will find several very unselfish acts on the part of motorists who stumbled upon this horrific scene.

On a busy highway in Logan, Utah a BMW 535i and an unidentified motorcycle got into an accident. While motorcycle versus car accidents rarely go well, this couldn't have gotten any worse as the biker became trapped underneath the engine of the BMW... then the bike burst into flames. For Brandon Wright, the 21-year old victim, the clock started ticking whether or not he would survive.

Although still alive, shocked onlookers decided it was time to take action not knowing if he was already dead. A construction worker began rallying the troops by trying to lift the car himself and then a group composed of students, businessmen and construction workers made a first attempt but were not able to lift the 1,855 kg sedan (just over 4,000lbs). On a second attempt, they miraculously lifted the extremely hot car in unison, while police directed traffic. One worker sprung into action dragging the critically injured man to safety.

The driver of the car (we're assuming the overweight suit wondering around doing nothing) was not injured in the accident. However, the biker has undergone surgery and is now in stable condition at a local hospital. Kudos to these heroic men and women.

Amazing video:

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