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MSN: 'Contagion' Billboards Made From Live Bacteria (with video at the link)


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Extremely creative idea.


In what has to be one of most innovative (and cringe-producing) marketing campaign in the history of the movies, Warner Brothers Canada put two unusual billboards on display in Toronto to advertise its star-studded film “Contagion,” the #1 film at the box office this weekend. What made these signs unique? They were made entirely from live fungi, bacteria, and mold! As reported in The Montreal Gazette, a team of microbiologists figured out which organisms would work best for the freaky ad campaign and then had them brushed onto the hand-stenciled signs which served as giant petri dishes.

Passersby could barely make out the title of the film at first,but were able to watch over time as the mold multiplied and formed the word “CONTAGION.”

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