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Mike Shanahan Press Conference: 3pm live on CSN Washington


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On Rex: I don't worry about the past. All I can do is judge what he's done for the Washington Redskins. Did everything well.

3-4-5 plays he says Rex wish he could have back, but that's typical. Beck going through "Mental Reps"

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D-Line: When ahead, you can put more pressure on the opposing offense.

On the O-tackles: Guards are responsible for inside pass rushes. Giants have an excellent d front and their game plan was diff from last year. More pressure.

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Rushing: wants greater than 2.8 yards a carry. Everyone is accountable on offense for the rushing game.

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On Hightower taking most snaps: All depends on the game plan, length of drives. TH blocked really well. Didn't back down.

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On Sellers: Was a flexability issue. MS will play a lot for us. Does everything to prepare for game day. Is supportive of his team mates. Is a winner. Will help us.

On Gano: Shan didn't talk to Gano. Knows that GG needs to concentrate an make his kicks.

On the "specialness" of the team: We're day to day preparing blah blah blah

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On preparing or the post lockout season: Didn't know who was going to be on the team outside of the roster and draft picks. Didn't know how good rookies were because of the lack of OTAs

Niles Paul: By far has been a guy that can work on ST and has been consistent. Hankerson is further behind and needs to show his coaches in practice. Depth creates competition and the opportunity to show what you can do.

Landry: I hope he can go. We'll see what they can do.

On Davis: Nice that he made some big plays out of his opportunity. Showed that he belongs.

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That's it. He was extra orange on camera today.

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