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Yep, this was the first thing I thought upon after waking up this morning.

Trent looked like a rookie UDFA against Pierre-Paul and others yesterday. Whether or not that was because of his knee, I don't know, but any reasonable Redskins fan has to be concerned about his pass blocking abilities.

He has not show himself to be the dominant LT we hoped for through this point in his career. Hopefully, he will recover quickly from the injury (if there was one) and continue to improve his game, particularly in the area of pass pro.

One thing I am confident of: Rex needs that extra half second a great LT can provide and will capitalize on in if he does.

I really like Trent, you couldn't ask for a more personable individual so, like all Redskins fans, I root for him every week. Just have those nagging concerns.

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I know I should be thrilled that the Redskins won a game against a divisional opponent that they had not previously beaten in 6 tries. But the play of Trent Williams has bothered me ever since the game ended, or before, really.

So he hyper-extended his knee. I understand that no athlete will play his best when that happens.

But on the play when Pierre-Paul beat him to cause Grossman's sack-fumble, it was eerily reminiscent of his first play in practice as a Redskin. I remember that there were reports from that first practice that Williams just stood completely still when the ball was snapped, ostensibly because the speed of the NFL game was so much faster than he anticipated, that he literally froze while the play started.

Check out the replay of the sack. All Jason Pierre-Paul does is swat Williams on his right shoulder and runs past him, like...well, like he was standing still...because he was. Hyper-extended knee or no, one would expect at least a minimal effort in order to keep your quarterback form getting killed. But it was like he was off in another world. And that worries me, it really does.

Eh, I'm probably reading WAY too much into it...right? Please tell me that I am, because I need to hear that we didn't pick the wrong Left Tackle.

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Trent looks to me like an excellent backup left tackle. That's concerning because at this point, I thought he'd be on the Joe Thomas level, but it's obvious that he's not.

I hope he's working as hard as the rest of the team. If our coaches can make Will Montgomery a consistent starter (and he was on point last night), I have to think they can develop Trent.

But I admit it, I'm worried.

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On a positive note, it's not like Okung is looking any better. I think we made the right pick if we had to pick a tackle, I'm just wondering if their first-round grades were merited.

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Supposedly he has a Hyper-Extended knee, and that happened early in the game. Haven't seen anything making that official, but it's something to consider.

Now I'm not gonna pretend to know how tough it is to be an OL in the NFL, but he always seems to be battling some injury. If the dude is never gonna be 100%, he shouldn't be on the left side.

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Not trying to change the subject but who the hell said Pierre Paul was not an elite talent?

If you think that PP is some sort of slouch then watch more football dude is a beast on the rise

Now about TW...honestly not concerned

He's growing and still developing

Give it more time and relax

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I was def concerned with the way he played yesterday. but the more i think about it the less concerned i become..

It seems as if he has concentration lapses from time to time and whiffs on a play. Most of the time, hes pretty solid and can hold his own, however i dont think he's fully adjusted to playing in the NFL snap after snap. I think if he focuses and plays the game snap by snap he will improve dramatically.

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What is the standard we are operating under in this thread? It sounds like anything less than Chris Samuels is a bust. I'm not sure that's realistic. Williams may be starting quality and not probowl quality which is reality. Not ever first round pick is good and among those that are fewer still are probowl. If we drafted another tackle high and decided to move him to RT I'd be fine with it. If upgrading the line is the question I'd upgrade LG before LT though.

Jason Piere Paul might have TW's number because he had two sacks on us in one game last season as well.

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When you take into account that he was picked with the 4th pick overall he should be playing better than he is. People keep talking about the injured knee yesterday but that excuse only works for part of yesterday. He was giving up a sack on the play where he hyper-extended his knee.

From day one he has never moved the way I expected him to. He is not quick/fast off the snap. He does not seem to have the fundementals and the footwork to be an Elite LT. I do not see a smoothness or fluid nature to his movement. There is just something missing.

We were spoiled by Chris Samuels. He was a hall of fame caliber player. Before him it was Jim Lachey and before him George Stark.... In my lifetime we have been spoiled by the players who have occupied that spot. I do not think it is a total loss but I think there are reasons to be concerned.

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