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McNabb throws for 39 yds in Vikings opener LOL


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He was even wearing an armband. Good for him.

Knowing him, he'll use that as an excuse for his poor play. The armband was weighing his arm down. :ols:

I know his bestest buddy Wilbon is seething right now. He so badly wanted the Redskins to fall flat on their face offensively today, and for McNabb to shine.

Happy he'll be disappointed. :)

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Yeah, he can't ***** about the system anymore. He should be familiar with that offense. Even though they fired Childress, the Vikes still kept that offense, did they?

According to their head coach, they actually consulted with McNabb and designed an offense that makes McNabb comfortable and utilizes his incredible talents. Instead of forcing McNabb to adapt to a system like those meanies down in DC, they chose to do the "classy" thing and adapt their system to suit their "Probowl QB".

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