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Dish Network and HD Sports channels....

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I switched from Directv to Dish Network this past week and got the America's Top 250 package, which is basically everything excluding movie channels, and also signed up for the multi-regional sports package for $7 extra a month.

On the guide each sports channel has a standard def and a hi-def channel. Problem is the only thing that shows up on the HD versions of the channel is a graphic that says "check back to see if your favorite team is playing!!" All week long that is the only thing that has been showing on any of the HD sports channels. The standard def versions are fine.

I am trying to watch the VT/ECU game right now and it's pissing me off because I can only watch it in crappy standard def.

I am guessing it will be the same way tomorrow when I try to watch Redskins Postgame Live.

Anybody know what the point of the HD channels are for dish if they won't show anything in HD?

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Certain area blackout sports networks at certain times. I don't know why, but it is annoying. DTV blacks out the pregame show on CSN, but not the post game show. No idea why since they don't even show the game.

The benefit for me is watching college and pro basketball. I can watch some live and some later depending on the game.

I love my DTV. It costs more but it is worth it compared to the options.

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