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America is running out of straw


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The mass overconsumption of Americans has led to a shortage of another natural resource. Straw. For ten years, posters and politicians have been using straw as if it was an endless resource with no limits. Now, straw miners in Texas say they are running low. Their holes are empty as their souls. Some scientists claim that if something is not done none soon that the world's straw supply could run out by the year 2015. Straw deniers say that this is just false science and part of a conspiracy used to try to bilk people of their rights.

When asked her opinion Dorothy Gale of Kansas said, "Strawman do have brains and they are worth fighting for."

Still others think that the overuse of the strawman will have devestating effects on the world's economy and environment.

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By the way, if that turns out to be a real website I will laugh pretty hard.

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Now, I know that the anti-abortion crowd has been really loud about how preventing the construction of strawmen is an abomination and that strawman have the same rights to be created as you and I. I don't know if I buy the argument that strawman are human from the first moment of stuffing, but I think that it is a fair question to ask...

When does a strawman become human?

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