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Ordinance would cover naked bottoms (Reuters)


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OAKLAND (Reuters) – In the San Francisco Bay area where tolerance is king, it is a rare politician willing to clamp down on citizens who let it all hang out.

But San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener stepped into that position earlier this week when he introduced an ordinance that would require nudists to cover their seats in public places and wear clothes in restaurants.

Public nudity, he explains, is legal in San Francisco and in recent years a group known informally as Naked Guys have shown unbridled enthusiasm for appearing in the nude.

"I see it pretty regularly, and unfortunately there are nudists who are not doing what they should," Wiener told Reuters.

The nudists, who expose themselves most often in the city's famous gay neighborhood, the Castro District, have got Wiener and others worrying about public health.

"I'm not a health expert, but I believe sitting nude in a public place is not sanitary," he said. "Would you want to sit on a seat where someone had been sitting naked? I think most people would say, 'No.'"

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Scott Weiner is my supervisor, and he is a good fellow.

The Naked Guys are three geriatrics who hang out naked scaring passerbys and pretending that they are making some sort of significant political statement by showing their flabby old bodies. Everyone thinks they are annoying, but no one cares enough to do anything about it, because that would just give them even more of the attention that they crave.

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