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Best Ethnic Restaurants in the Area?


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I thought I'd post a thread about some of you're favorite ethnic cuisine places to eat in the area. I'll start with mine:

The Chicken Place (Pollo) in Bailey's Crossroads

Jerusalem Restaurant (Middle Eastern) in Bailey's Crossroads

Chez Manelle (Middle Eastern Tunisian) on Wilson Blvd in Arlington

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I wouldn't really call this place an ethnic restaurant, but if any of you have ever been in Bailey's Crossroads, you might want to check out a place right off Columbia Pike called "Flavors". It's a soul food restaurant, the only one in the area that I know of. I never new this place existed until today when I stopped by there during lunch hour. The food here is really good and the fried chicken + cornbread are to die for. I always though Boston Market had the best cornbread, but this place beats that one by a wide margin. I almost turned the car around on Route 7 to go back and get some more :ols:

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