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ESPN: Not a fantasy: Teams to show stats


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So you're in the stands at an NFL stadium, you left your handheld device in the car and you have no idea how your fantasy football team is doing.

If only they'd show out-of-town fantasy football statistics on the scoreboard.

Fantasy? Not anymore.

Starting with Thursday's New Orleans Saints-Green Bay Packers season opener at Lambeau Field, all NFL teams have been directed to show real-time fantasy football statistics on their scoreboards, league spokesman Brian McCarthy said, USA Today reported.

Previously, it was at the discretion of the league's 32 teams whether to display out-of-town individual statistics on stadium video boards.

While many fans do follow their fantasy teams on their phone or handheld device, the league -- aware that fans can choose their living room, high-definition television and the Internet over paying for tickets, parking, food and drinks at the stadium -- wants fans to feel connected to the fantasy football experience in the stands.

"We know we have to continue to do more to keep fans coming to our games.," McCarthy said, according to the report. "We're looking at ways to further replicate the at-home experience in the stadium."

Smart business move :2cents:
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Were people really going, man I would love to go to the game this weekend but then how will I track my fantasy stats? Like it really even matters anyway there's nothing you can do during the games.

I don't think fans were choosing going to the game or not because of fantasy stats, but it is just one more thing that will make the fans feel appreciated.

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Personally, I think its kind of silly to post fantasy stats at an NFL stadium. For one, not all leagues use the same scoring system. And two, most people these days have smartphones.

They should just stick to posting scores from around the league, and that's it.

I'm a huge fantasy football guy, btw.

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