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Sunday Night Wish List


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So once the euphoria of the start of Redskins football Sunday night gives way to the critical analysis of what's actually happening on the field, here's what this fan will be focusing on:

1) The D line. I really want to see some push on the pass and, more importantly, that the middle can hold its ground against the run. If there are guards & fullbacks in the MLB's face all night, I ain't gonna be too happy.

2) Some cohesion on the O line. I'll be watching the interior, hoping to see some daylight in there on running plays, and no jailbreak to the QB on passing downs.

2a) Special teams. Kick coverage, to be precise.

2b) Todd Husak. How I feel about our QB situation will hinge a lot on the poise and precision he either does or does not show.

3) Heart. Don't care if we're up 14 or down 14, I want to see some juice, and I want to get the sense that guys' heads are in the game right up until the final gun.

Sure, I could mention other things ... but these are the top three (or so) things that I have the most interest/concern about early.

How about it ... where will your eyes be trained?

[edited.gif by Om on August 10, 2001.]

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oh, no question the eyes will be on the DL and the WR's.

these are areas where the younger players need to step up and contribute right away. We don't have the luxury of waiting until next year for these guys to improve.

With Smith and Coleman out, Ham finally gets his audition. We will see if Boose and Bankston are more than waiver wire quality players. Inside Monds and Cowsette have a lot to prove.

On offense, who are the #4 and #5 receivers? Are we finally going to have some depth there so that if Lockett or Westbrook misses some time, our production won't head south?

We have heard a lot about McCants and now Thompson as well as Skaggs.

I wanna see 'em do it.

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And, as it must always be noted before preseason games, may we stay healthy.

I will be watching for what kind of burst Carter has on his runs (he is playing, right?).

I will watch Gardner off the line.

I will watch Smoot off the line.

I will watch Mookie a lot.

[edited.gif by Brave on August 10, 2001.]

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I don't care what happens as long as we

A. Stay healthy,

B. Stay healthy, and

C. Stay healthy

Oh, and did I mention, stay healthy?


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I don't think WR is even close to being settled at this point and the Chiefs game won't end it.

I'd doubt I'll get to see any of the game (it's not televised, is it?) but I'd want to see how our OGs look. If we don't have some guard play, Stephen's not going to roll. And how will Raymer look? The middle of the offensive line has a lot of questions.

D-Line? It'll be interesting to see how the rotational guys (Cowsette, Ham, DeLoach, Bryant, Boose and Bankston) look. I was pretty disappointed we signed Boose (who's never shown anything) and I hoped he was camp fodder.

Special teams - boy, that should be interesting. A few guys like Skaggs, Spencer and Watson will be desparate to make a good showing.

Safety - Who the heck has stepped up? Does Martavious Houston win a roster spot? Ohalete? Symonette? Is Terrell heads and shoulders above the rest?

It's be interesting and, like all preseason games, should not be taken too seriously. NO INJURIES!

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I'd agree that the D-Line is a big concern, but I'm not expecting great success with Bruce and Marco both out. (It'd be nice, but if there're reoblems, I'm not going to worry that much).

I'll be watching Husak, even though I don't expect him to be fighting for a starting job (but it wouldn't suprise me if he thought of this an opportunity). But we have to assume that he'll be playing some this year.

Mostly what I look for in these games is <u>spirit</u>.

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