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David Garrad Cut in Jax


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I got this from http://rotoworld.com/headlines/nfl/211892/del-rio-strikes-again-garrard-gets-the-axe

Also, I didn't put this in the stadium because it makes zero sense to pick him up during a rebuild right before the season starts. This isn't Tony Banks all over again. We have our bridge QB's with a rookie most likely coming next year.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports the Jagaurs are set to release starting QB David Garrard.

Luke McCown, not rookie Blaine Gabbert, will start the opener against the Titans. The move calls to mind coach Jack Del Rio's last-minute decision to part ways with Byron Leftwich in favor of Garrard just prior to the 2007 season. Due $8.075 million this year, Garrard wasn't financially viable in the "bridge quarterback" role for a team with little hope of contending. Garrard will have little time to learn the offense in his next destination, but he does make sense for a team like Seattle. QBs coach Carl Smith was Garrard's offensive coordinator from 2005-06. The Dolphins may also consider Garrard

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They did Garrard dirty. If they were gonna cut him for financial reasons, they should have done it earlier when he had a chance to catch on with another team.

He isn't great, but he's a serviceable vet that can make plays. I like the guy and it sucks that this is what happened.

Don't cry for Garrard. He benefited when the EXACT same thing happened to his predecessor.

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When asked whether #Jaguars had lost confidence in Garrard, one player told me "I don't think there was confidence to be lost." Ouch

(Jags beat writer)

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Hey Buford, is your sig picture a photoshop job, or did they wear that uni at a public practice or something? Never thought I'd say it, but it actually looks better then it does in theory.

That should be our jersey was thinking the same thing. also would like to change helmet.

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David Garrard might have slipped some performance-wise but he's a really good guy. He does a lot for charity and is a nice person. I hate to see this happen to him especially the timing. Hopefully a change of scenery will do him good.

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That said if he plays up to his capabilities he's better than any QB we have on our roster. Problem is they weren't willing to wait for him to come out of his funk and I'm sure his salary and having Blaine Gabbert on the roster was a big factor.

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I find it interesting that a rebuilding team would rather start a journeyman backup than their supposed QB in the future, a QB who was considered a top 3 pick at various parts of the draft process and a QB they traded up for.

This seems to say that Gabbert is at LEAST a 2-3 year project before he gets good.

Actually I heard someone on the radio say that it's known around Jacksonville that Del Rio was told he'd be fired if the Jags have a losing record this year. If true, that not only explains why he would opt to go with the veteran journeyman when he has a shiny first-round rookie that any other coach could use as an excuse to have a losing season, but also leads to these two conclusions about the Garrard decision:

1) It wasn't Del Rio's call. It was a management call. Which makes much more sense, considering...

2) Jacksonville saved $9 million by cutting Garrard, which means that in this case, yes, the conspiracy theories are true, and it really was all about the money. And if any team in the entire league would make a quarterback decision based on the money, it would be the Jaguars, stuck in the NFL city where nobody cares.

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