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We are going to kick the **** out of the giants


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Depends and I'm torn:

I certainly see a strong defensive showing and running game.

I don't like Rex against their secondary although with Terrell Thomas out, it certainly has been weakened. I think Rex is better able to attack it however.

I have a worse feeling about Beck and their pass rush.

Beck starting for me = L

Rex starting for me = W

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  1. The defensive line is better and we've got a Giant killer
  2. Better at offensive skill positions
  3. Finally have a bookend to Rak
  4. In the second year of learning both offensive and defensive schemes
  5. Eli Manning continues his quest to throw more INT's than TD's in one season

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After a couple decades of disappointment sprinkled with occasional tempered optimism, I'm taking a wait and see approach. I like where we're headed though.

No no no.

This is the Unbridled Optimism thread.

You're looking for Lingering Pessimism. Down the hall to the left.

if you want to stay here, you have to post things like

"Eli's wife better hope his insurance is paid up, because she's going to be needing it for the funeral!"

For an example of what is expected here, please note the master of football optimism:


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