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I'm Worried about Tom


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Originally posted by The Evil Genius

Sounds like a good day for a Pop Quiz. 100 questions to boot.


no way. you'd have to prepare that 100 question quiz. tom was up until 1am at least. sounds more like a "open the book to page 1 and read until i tell you to stop," or a "we're watching discovery channel today" kinda day to me.

and i'm a teacher. :)

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I realize this sounds like heresy, but @ the end of last nights game, I found myself rooting for the hated boyz. It is far better for our 'Skins to be up by one, than tied for the lead:cool:

Think about it. If it was the last game of the season and we needed the boyz to beat the gintz to make the playoffs, who would you root for? I'm for whatever gets our kids into the playoffs and a shot at the big dance:pint: :cheers:

There is no cutting off my nose to make myself ugly, just because I hate the boyz.

I remember hating the g-men also when YA Tittle threw 7 Tds to embarass us years ago. I don't like sleeping with the enemy. I respect the enemy, but I won't sleep with them if I can help it.

My :2cents:

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Yup - Jets fans at least took comfort in the fact that the other half was feeling even worse pain in NY. BRUTAL pain. Trey Junkin type of pain.

Somebody must've put a hex on the Meadowlands Saturday night. Between Sunday and Monday, 160,000 people filed into that stadium with hope and excitement and they shuffled out empty shells of men.

But hey, at least the Giants are 1-1 not 0-2, and at least they didn't just lose their best cornerback for 8 weeks. The Jets needed that Donnie Abraham injury like a hole in the head. Thank you sir, may I have another?

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