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Will there be some sort of terrorist attack next Sunday: 9/11/11?


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Just a question.

I already heard in the news of warnings about small planes.


I don't expect anything but given this date; you don't know what evil maybe planning.

Past anniversaries there were fears but something about the 10th anniversary is scary and I'll be glad when that day is over and done with. Hopefully with our first win and no mention of any horrors.

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I'd be surprised, considering an improved defensive presence, that another attack would happen

There are vulnerabilities in airport security that terrorists can exploit.

But a lot of chatter won't be ignored as much this time, the USA is more alert now than they were back then

It is unlikely given that the USA knows they might try to do something on the 10th anniversary, or something around then

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Well, it looks like we got through the anniversary date ok, and .... wait!

It's not midnight yet on the West Coast. That means the attack has to happen out here in order to make it in time for the anniversary.


*hides under bed*


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