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SOW| Getting Some "Hank Time" ( exclusive Leonard Hankerson interview)


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In 2007 Vinny Cerrato and Jim Zorn thought that they had solidified the Washington Reskins Wide Receiver Corps by drafting both Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly.

Not so much… The young guys never panned out (to put it as nicely as I can).

Thomas, now fighting for his life to get a special team’s roster spot with the New York Giants, didn’t do much under Zorn. When Mike Shanahan took over last year the hope was that he would be Shanahan’s next Brandon Marshall. Unfortunately Thomas spent more time in music videos, and taking pictures in odd sleepwear, than he did learning to play wide receiver.

Kelly proved to be made of porcelain, and really was never healthy enough to make any type of contribution. This week Kelly was released after missing most of training camp and all of the preseason with a foot injury.

For years Santana Moss has needed another guy to draw attention, and give Moss a little room to work with. The search has included guys like Brandon Lloyd (who led the NFL in receiving yards last season) and Antawaan Randel El (who enjoyed his 2nd trip with the Steelers to the Super Bowl last February).

Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan did an excellent job this offseason of turning a very thin WR group, into a group so deep I have no idea who will be on the 53 man roster (this is an awesome problem to have).

You can make arguments for a lot of the guys. But one guy who we are pretty certain is going to make that team is formerUniversityofMiami Wide Receiver Leonard Hankerson.

Hankerson is one of those prospects that is extremely hard to not get worked up about. At 6 feet three inches he has all the size that the Redskins have been missing at the wide receiver position. Not to mention the kid can flat out play.

Last year, in his senior year atMiami, Hankerson led Miami with career-high 1,156 receiving yards on a team-high 72 receptions. He was also the team leader with 13 receiving touchdowns which set aMiami record, breaking Michael Irvin’s mark of 11 set in 1986.

I don’t know about you but I love seeing players break records held by Dallas Cowboys.

We got to spend a few minutes talking to Hank Time about all sorts of things including: Redskins Tradition, the University ofMiami, Sean Taylor, The Offensive line, and of course Madden 12.

SOW: Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us tonight. We are so excited to get to let Redskins Nation get to know you a little better.

LH: No problem man.

SOW: It’s been a fun preseason for the fans, obviously to see the team play at the level on offense this year that they have has been refreshing. What has it been like to see the team play at such a high level with such a short time to prepare?

LH: It’s been great man, I mean just to come in and to get in this opportunity has been great. We are very excited because we have so many playmakers on this offense, guys who can take it 80 yards at a time. When you have an offensive line like ours it gives those guys the chance to make plays. I mean we have a lot of running backs on this team who can make big plays at any time so we are excited, to just go out and have fun and do what we do.

SOW: To the fans watching at home, I mean we see a huge difference in the offensive line. They look incredibly better than last year. It’s one thing to see that from your couch, but you are out there with these guys every day. Is this O line for real? And what does that do for an offense to have the confidence, in your offensive line?

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SOW: Miami has had a long history of producing great wide receivers. Do you model yourself after any of those guys? Who is your game the most like?

LH: The way I play, I try to model myself as like Andre Johnson, or a Reggie Wayne. I think I have a similar skill set like those guys.

Boy I'm glad he didn't say Michael Irvin. :ols:
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So we can expect Hankerson to get cut sometime in the next few days, based on the outcome of your Horton interview :silly:

Kidding, of course. Nice interview! I'm hoping Hank becomes the player I think he can become. He's got all the tools.


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Good interview RD.. good to see you with your foot in the door.

LOVE the photo. excellent picture.


I just have to chime in on this, because I couldn't agree more. That's a fantastic photo. I remember your Horton image too, it was more of a standard photo but the graphic work was excellent. Do you do these yourself? If so, great job.

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I just have to chime in on this, because I couldn't agree more. That's a fantastic photo. I remember your Horton image too, it was more of a standard photo but the graphic work was excellent. Do you do these yourself? If so, great job.

I do a little of the graphic stuff but have awesome guys like Left and Soup working with me too. So far I am doing all the writing but we mau have another writer or two join us soon. We are pumped about the sites growth thanks for the kind words!

We actually have a sweet graphics section too you should check it out.

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Just watching NFLN and they have the top 10 undrafted players countdown on and #8 was Rod Smith from the broncos. Shanny was on there talking about how when he came to the broncos Smith was on the PS and the next year he made him a starter just knowing that he was going to be a stud WR. And if I heard his last comment correctly he said "the year I started Rod Smith I cut (2) first round draft WR's. You just don't do that as a HC unless you know the other guy is going to be a stud."


After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I smiled :)

just thought you might like to hear that story.

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