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TSN still give us no respect: Giants 28, 'Skins 17


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Why To Watch

New York won both meetings last year, but both games were decided by a touchdown or less, and Washington is riding a two-game win streak to start the season. . . . The Giants' offense has struggled early, and they need more production from quarterback Kerry Collins and running back Tiki Barber, who had excellent seasons last year.

Redskins head coach Steve Spurrier has done an excellent job of adjusting his offense to opposing defenses thus far, and it will be interesting to see how he attacks New York. . . . Tight end Jeremy Shockey caught 11 passes for 111 yards in the first meeting between these two teams last year, and he figures to play a big role again this week.

Giants Keys For Success

1. Apply pressure with the front four. Atlanta sacked Patrick Ramsey six times last week, often sending linebackers, and Ramsey responded by throwing for 356 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. The Giants cannot allow Ramsey to sit back in the pocket, but they won't want to leave their corners on an island by blitzing because of Washington's improved speed at receiver. As a result, the front four must get to Ramsey, and New York needs to disguise coverages by shifting just before the snap. If done effectively, this will force Ramsey to get rid of the ball quickly and prevent him from getting an accurate pre-snap read without making the secondary vulnerable to the big play.

2. Continue to move tight end Shockey around. The Giants line Shockey up all over the field in an effort to create favorable single coverage opportunities, and he will cause matchup problems for the Redskins. Washington can't cover Shockey with strong safety Ifeanyi Ohalete because he lacks the speed to stay with Shockey downfield, and he tends to bite on play action. The Redskins could put linebacker LaVar Arrington, who is their best playmaker, on Shockey. However, New York can then motion Shockey wide and force Arrington to play outside the box creating running room for running back Barber.

3. Run some max protect schemes and give Collins time to find the open receiver. With left tackle Luke Petitgout out with a back injury last week, New York started three rookies along the offensive line, and there was almost constant pressure on Collins. Collins is extremely accurate when he has time to set his feet, but he doesn't make good decisions under pressure and lacks the mobility to consistently buy time in the pocket. Defensive coordinator George Edwards is aggressive and will blitz Collins frequently. The return of Petitgout to the lineup would help, but the Giants must also keep a back or tight end in on passing downs to help this inexperienced offensive line.

Redskins Keys For Success

1. Prevent New York from loading up against the run. Ramsey was outstanding last week, but he must prove that it was no fluke against a better secondary. The Giants will run some eight-man fronts in an effort to force Ramsey to make plays to win this game. When Ramsey notices the Giants safeties creeping up to the line of scrimmage, he needs to take some chances in the vertical passing game. Receivers Laveranues Coles and Rod Gardner are both quality targets in the vertical passing game, and getting them the ball downfield early will keep New York honest.

2. Run some screens and get the backs more involved in the passing game. Washington's backs have caught just six passes for a combined 43 yards thus far. Trung Canidate isn't a great receiver out of the backfield, but he has excellent speed and is extremely dangerous in the open field. The Giants' front four is aggressive getting upfield, and Canidate should be able to get behind it off a screen. Chad Morton is a good third-down back who runs excellent routes and rarely drops that he should catch. He should be an excellent safety valve for Ramsey when he gets into trouble.

3. Win the battle of turnovers. No other running back has fumbled more than Barber since the 2000 season, and he continues to have problems securing the football. The Redskins must look to strip the ball whenever he gets a touch as a result. Collins' accuracy is inconsistent, and Washington's safeties must take advantage of any his deep balls that sail over the middle of the field. In addition, the Redskins won't want to give New York any added opportunities, and Ramsey must not force the ball into coverage when nothing is available.

Injury Update



WR Laveranues Coles: Sprained neck (9/15).

Coles noticeably kept his profile straight rather than turn his neck to face reporters on Monday, a day after spraining his neck vs. the Falcons. "I'm walking, ain't I? I'm fine," Coles said.

QB Patrick Ramsey: Sprained shoulder (9/15).

Ramsey said his sprained left shoulder was sore Monday, but he hopes to be practicing Wednesday and expects to play on Sunday.

TE Zeron Flemister: Achilles (9/13).

Flemister will miss Sunday's game vs. the Falcons. He will be replaced by Robert Royal.

WR Taylor Jacobs: Abdomen (9/14).

Jacobs flashed his talent early, tailed off as the preseason wore on, started to surge back, then suffered an abdominal injury that threatens to derail his rookie year. Jacobs has the inside track on the No. 3 receiver job, but now will be fortunate to be the No. 4 man. Still, Jacobs has the potential to make a positive impact for the team. The problem is that rookies who get sidelined early with injuries have a tough time catching up once they recover. For now, Jacobs needs to focus on recovering and finding a way to contribute as a backup. (Paul Woody/TSN)

Pick: Giants 28, Redskins 17

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It's an interesting opponent we have following Atlanta - the two teams are almost exactly alike.

Tiki is similar to Warrick Dunn

Shockey is imposing as is Alge Crumpler.

Toomer's better, but is stylistically like Price.

Both defenses are centered around solid defensive fronts with mobile, sure tackling LB's.

Both sets of CB's are merely adequate, but the Giants have better (and healthier) safeties.

Collins is more polished, but is similar to Doug Johnson as a strong-armed pocket passer.

The Giants are a better team - with the exception of their o-line - but we can certainly beat them if we avoid the mistakes that killed us the first quarter of the Atlanta game.

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This week the young Giants' OL gets to deal with the same crowd noise issues as we did last week. Gotta take advantage and get after Collins, force him to be quick with the ball.

Oh, and lay some hits on him ... even if just after he throws. :evil:

I'm not surprised the Giants are the pick ... I would probably pick'em too if looking in from the outside. Not sure I'd give them an 11 points cushion on the road, though. That flies in the face of the history between these teams, where they are at the moment, AND the fact that division games tend to be decided by far closer margins. I can see favoring them by 2, maybe even 3. More than that is silly.

Gonna be a typical Giants vs. Skins game; close, tough, back and forth, and ultimately decided by who makes the plays and/or gets the breaks down the stretch.

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Originally posted by Om

This week the young Giants' OL gets to deal with the same crowd noise issues as we did last week. Gotta take advantage and get after Collins, force him to be quick the ball.

I agree, and I think we're going to see more stunts and zone blitzes and delayed blitzes (like we saw on Armistead's safety) to throw them off. This is where having an excellent secondary - especially at CB - helps you out tremendously.
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I think the Skins will probably blitz a little more to flush Collins out of the pocket. He still doesn't throw well on the run.

But I could also see them come out conservatively on defense just to feel out the Giants game plan. So far, the Skin have played pretty well straight up when they rush four and drop the linebackers into coverage. The QBs, so far, have gotten more time to throw than I like, but there just haven't been any receivers open. In fact, the biggest pass plays against our defense have usually come when we're blitzing. (The long pass to Crumpler immediately comes to mind.)

Let's see what the Giants have in store before we start stunting and blitzing.

It might actually be better to shadow Shockey with a linebacker much of the time. All of our linebackers are fast enough to run with Shockey. To compensate for taking a linebacker out of the box, I think you can cheat Iffy closer to the line. I like Iffy trying to tackle Barber in the running game better than Iffy trying to cover Shockey in the passing game, unless they're in zone coverage.

As far as attacking their defense, I'd say attack their edges with the run, specially on their right side. Anybody like our boys run blocking against Kenny Holmes and Dhani Jones?

I think they need to pass protect more like they did in the second half against the Falcons--keep backs and tight ends in and only release them when they're sure nobody's blitzing. Keeping someone in to chip on Strahan's not a bad idea, either.

But I think they need to be wary about going to the wide receiver screens too much. Everybody on our schedule is going to look at the Falcons game, and I think they are going to try and give us looks to invite those throws and then jump the pass. If the Skins aren't careful, going to that well too often could end up 6 point the other way.

Mostly, the Skins need to stay the course and keep up the intensity. The Giants are a solid team, but I don't think they throw anything too unusual at you. Just stay solid and work on cutting down the penalties and turnovers. The Skins just HAVE to do that.

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Alright looks guys, i really and i mean REALLY dont like the Giants. These guys are ****suckers. They didnt act with very much class in their second win over us, like when whatever fag it was that picked up Danny W and slammed him on the ground, that was completely unnessasary. Also Strahan fighting Wilbert Brown and saying nasty things about him after the game. Also Shockey throwing a party on the field after every catch. These guys STOLE 2 games against us last year. They aint getting away with that ****! No way!

My message to them is:

Shockey, nice little party on the field last year, but nobody was impressed with your hair "homo"

Tiki, lets see some of the classic fumbles, you can get your ass kicked then send the message on to your brother that we're coming!

Kerri, in only two starts against you Iffy has 2 INT's, uh oh problem! Might wanna kill a few beers before this one!

Strahan, your sack record is a joke, plus you kissed another man on the lips, you have a lispe, your overrated, Jansen is going to handle your ass

Toomer, your going against Champ, better luck next week.


Mike Barrow, nice career you joke

Both of those safeties, nice meltdown + fight vs. TO in the playoffs last year but ya still lost. Both the game and the fight.

The rest of the Giants who i missed, fluffers!

Skins show up BIG TIME!!!

Your Washington Redskins 45

Giants -146 thats right negative points, because i hate them so much

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let's see. Dallas scores 35 points on NY, but the Skins struggle to put up 17? :)

the Giants can score points because they have talented skill players but they also have holes on the OL and at CB.

if Ramsey gets decent time he WILL put up good stats on the Giants back seven.

This one looks like another close game decided in the fourth quarter.

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Gotta look forward to this game. Those two games against the Jints last year were pretty friggin frustrating, from the never-ending one in the Meadowlands rain in which Tuthill fell on his butt to the FedEx affair where we turned the ball over a gazillion times. The players that remain need to remember those games. I expect us to win in front of a juiced-up home crowd.

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