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Yahoo.com-AP: US marks first month with no troop deaths in Iraq


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US marks first month with no troop deaths in Iraq


BAGHDAD (AP) — August marked the first month since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq that no American forces have died, according to an Associated Press tally.Figures compiled by the AP show that no American forces died in Iraq in August either in combat or non-combat related situations, a significant achievement in a conflict that has claimed the lives of 4,474 American service members since it began.

All American forces are supposed to leave Iraq by December of this year, but U.S. and Iraqi officials have been discussing whether to have a long-term American military presence in the country.

There have been previous months during which there were no combat related deaths, but during which some people died in non-combat related situations. The numbers come on top of what had been a jump in U.S. troop deaths for the first part of this year. In June, 15 U.S. troops died in one of the biggest losses of life for American forces in Iraq in years.

More at the link.

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Well, its down from over 150,000 to below 45,000 in Iraq since Obama came into office, so it does look like things are winding down (at least there). :whoknows:

Not nearly good enough

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One of mine is coming home soon :fingersx:,I'm open to more.

Awesome!! Hope this happens ASAP!

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This right here

People fail to see that even though we are bringing home "troops" we will still have over 100k "contractors" in Iraq for the foreseeable future

I don't know the numbers. Not sure anyone knows the numbers! But anecdotal evidence points to a decrease in contractor numbers as well. I know more than one person who has had their 12 month contract shortened

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Contractors can come and go as they please.

Our boys and girls are stuck there until the good stewards grant a change of duty.

You do know that our military is all volunteer now right?:evilg:

The folks in Iraq and Afghanistan now either knew those deployments were likely when they joined or have had ample time to get out since the wars started. And a lot of them have and are now part of the contractor workforce making 5-10 times what they were making as service members. One thing I noticed during recent swing through Baghdad at least was that the contractors while being paid by America aren't American at all. I guess we really don't need to care about Peruvian contractors!

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