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Earthquake Orbs in Ashburn?


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This is 100% a true story with no proof.

A few days ago at my job a customer runs in our office and yells for us to look at something outside.

When we went out he was pointing up to the sky and yelling "what is that?"

I for the life of me could not see it for what seemed like 5 minutes.

I took of my sunglasses and finally saw it. It was a tiny spec of light. Looked like a tiny star in the day time. (It was very bright)

It was moving very fast and changing direction. It would stop than go faster and stop and drop down and so on.

So we all followed it for 10 minutes. As we were following it we saw 3 more. Some seemed really far away one looked like it landed in a tree.

My friend posted on facebook the experience and a friend of his said she was on the toll road and saw it.

I searched for news on this and found nothing. But I did stumble upon a link about earthquake orbs. That is the most logical thing I can think of.

Anyone else see this or have any knowledge on it. It's driving me crazy not knowing what it was.

Also about 10 minutes after it disapeared we saw a military helicopter heading in that direction. Not saying the two were related but it was a weird coincidence.


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It defenitly was not a plane or helicopter. Way to fast and changed directions on the dime.

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Ok I'll bite.

Why were "earthquake orbs" hanging around in Asburn two days ago, rather than, say, down in Mineral VA (where the earthquake actually happened) two weeks ago (when the earthquake actually happened)?

Dude I have no idea... Im not 100% sure it was them but on youtube I saw a video of pictures of orbs taken the day of the Japan earthquake. Looked very similar.

The orb I saw seemed almost like it had a glow and a ring around the orb. Almost like it had a force field.

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