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CHFF.com: Over-under season totals: Solo show in NFC East?


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Over-under season totals: Solo show in NFC East?

Washington Redskins (Over/under 6.5)

Last year: O/U 6.5 (UNDER, 10-6)


Mike Shanahan.

The Mastermind has had his share of mediocre seasons as a coach, but he’s almost never had a truly bad one. In fact, let’s take “almost” out of it. He went 6-10 in 1999 and matched it last year, but that’s as bad as its gotten. In his other 14 complete years as a head coach, he had seven or more wins, and only four of those years came with John Elway calling the signals. Shanahan and the front office had a great offseason, and he’s got enough credibility as a coach to make maybe the league’s most nondescript roster competitive.


Mike Shanahan's skill players.

All month, you’ve been kind of waiting to hear who the Redskins are REALLY going to start at quarterback, but apparently it’s going to be John Beck or Rex Grossman. Either would be one of the five worst starters in the league, although Grossman was decent last year with an 81.2 rating in his audition. But it’s not just the QB situation that looks shaky. The starting targets are Santana Moss, Jabar Gaffney and Chris Cooley, all of whom appear to have seen better days. The running back spot is deep, but Tim Hightower as a No. 1 is another bottom-five guy. The offensive line? Remains to be seen, but Washington was 27th on the Offensive Hog Index a year ago.


As fractured and flawed as last year’s team was, the Redskins were only blown out twice in 2010, and have another year under Shanahan to go on in 2011. The Redskins have a stretch in midseason where they play Carolina, Buffalo, San Francisco, Miami, Dallas and Seattle. It doesn’t come much softer than that. The defense could be much improved, and there are certainly plenty of candidates to be the next Shanahan 1,000-yard rusher. Call us crazy, but we’re saying OVER 6.5 – and it might not be as close as you’d think.

I think the line is down to 6, which you could push.

Needless to say, I do enjoy reading some of their acticles. This one does not go too much into detail, just basing it on a coach and a "soft" schedule. I am on the over 6.5 wins.

Click on the article for the rest.

Eagles - over/under 10.5 wins - they say over

Giants - over/under 9.5 wins - they say under

Cowboys - over/under 9 wins - they say under

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