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Wow, nice work. Is this the first we've seen with a neck inlay?

Since you didn't ask, I'll suggest the next snakebust gets treated with walnut/ebony binding. Oh, wait, are these custom orders? If so, nevermind. :)

Oh, and I'd love to see your name on the headstock. If I built that, I'd make sure everyone knew about it.

How long's it take to knock out one of these beauties?

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How are the inlays done? I've always wondered that. They look fantastic.

The stain on the fingerboard with the rose inlay is beautiful.

What kind of woods are you building them with?

Brave I think there are some differences between this guitar and a standard Les Paul. The LP has two more knobs aside from the volume and tone knobs and the pickup switch is positioned on the other side of the body. The Bridge is also pretty plain and utilitarian looking on the LP where the purple guitar has a pretty distinctive flying v style bridge. There are probably other more subtle differences in the design too that I'm missing.

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Anything that's not metal I made myself. I shaped the neck,carved the body, cut the inlays, wound the pickups, etc. Hardware, switches, potentiometers and such I buy. The inlays are cut with a jeweler's saw and the cavities for them are routed out with a tiny dremel bit. The color at the top of the rose is done by engraving lines in the shell and then filling them with stained superglue. The dark lines in the swan are cut with an ultra-fine (6-aught) jeweler's blade.

It's impossible to tell with these cellphone pics, but the carve is much deeper on these than on a Les P. The guitars are much lighter as a result. The glitter guitars are made with the standard mahogany/maple combo, but the snakeburst is Australian lacewood over Brazilian cherry.

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Hey - nice axe!

You are really talented...

Have you guys heard about the new EverTune bridge? I just saw a story on CNN recently and it supposedly works like a charm. You install the Evertune bridge on any guitar and once tuned, it never goes out of tune. It uses springs and technology I dont understand.

I have read that for the holes they have to drill to install, it does change the tone of the guitar and allot of people have issues with that.

The costs look to be about $330 for the bridge and anywhere from $200 - $300 for installation.

I wonder if Fender or Gibson will start adding them to their standards.

I have a Fender American Strat that is my best guitar but wouldnt want to change the sound of it... I would, however, purchase one for a new guitar.

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