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CHFF.com: He's Rich, But Is Vick One Of The Magnificent Seven?


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Long article of how Vick measures up against his competition and other QB's.

Lots of stats in the for you stat geeks.

Click on link for whole article.......

Pass ruch and/or good secondary = doom for Vick & Eagles.


What if Michael Vick were white? Other than looking like Colt Brennan, we don’t know or care. Michael Vick is only seeing green today.

The Philadelphia Eagles have made Michael Vick one of the highest paid players in the NFL (again), agreeing Monday night on a six-year contract worth $100M, with roughly $40M in guaranteed money.

Vick played just two seasons after signing his first mega-contract with the Falcons in 2005 that made him the highest paid player in the league. It wasn’t long before he was in prison for his involvement in dogfighting and later declaring bankruptcy. Now, at age 31, he is making the kind of money that only Tom Brady and Peyton Manning make at his position, and more than the likes of Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers.

But is Vick really that kind of special quarterback that you can consistently rely on to successfully lead your team like those other six? Did the Eagles make a good deal, or is the risk too great? There are numerous factors to consider.

The Value of the Early Thirties Quarterback

First, what can the Eagles really expect out of a 31-36 year old Michael Vick? Unlike any other quarterback in NFL history, Vick is the most physically gifted athlete on the field each week. He is the best running quarterback ever, holding numerous rushing records for the position. His mobility is akey part of the game, as he is still not the polished passer the league’s elite quarterbacks are. His style helps create highlight-reel plays, bails his team out of some tough situations, but it also heightens the risk of injury to Vick, and the better defenses in the league are more capable of frustrating Vick by forcing him to read defenses and become a pocket passer.

Lots more from link above.

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