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WP.com: Redskins’ youthful approach extends to coaching staff


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Found this in BRBN section and thought it should be opened up for discussion. I think part of the culture that is being established now is because of the new and younger coaches. It appears the enthusiasm has worn off on the players. Another credit to the job that Bruce and Mike have dones to bring winning back. This bodes well for the next few years and maybe the Redskins can get their own coaching tree under Shannahan going. Many have mentioned that it would be nice for Kyle to stick around, I think the same could be said about McVay. It'd be great to see Kyle develop into the next HC and McVay as OC. Sadly if they do too well too soon they may get offers elsewhere.

and maybe this guy can get Danny's ST to shine...

asst. special teams

Richard Hightower, 30

Richard Hightower says playing on special teams comes down to desire, which is probably why it’s always felt like the perfect fit for him.



When Mike Shanahan took over as Redskins head coach, he scoured the college and NFL ranks, the United Football League and his lengthy Rolodex to assemble his staff. The end result was an eclectic group of assistant coaches with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, ranging in age from their mid-20s to early 60s. While the defensive staff has several accomplished veterans, Shanahan's staff is also packed with young coaches, many considered to be bright, energetic up-and-comers in NFL circles. Team officials hope the 2011 season marks a turning point for the franchise, and each of the young assistants will try to leave his mark.

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