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Priorities: Hurricane prep or football game This guy got it wrong


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No. Not a poll. :silly: Apparently this guy just did not have his priorities straight. And the Mrs. informed him of this.


Police: Wife cut husband who chose to watch TV rather than prepare for Isabel

The Associated Press

Posted September 15 2003, 11:18 PM EDT

PORT ST. LUCIE -- Police said a woman cut her husband with a butcher knife because he wanted to watch football on television instead of getting ready for Hurricane Isabel.

Joan W. Harris, 70, faces a felony aggravated battery charge in the Sunday afternoon incident, police said.

Apparently, the argument began while the husband was watching football, and the wife was insisting he make hurricane preparations,'' police spokesman Officer Kacey Donnell said Monday. ``He refused and said that he'd get to it at halftime.''

Harris grabbed an 8-inch butcher knife, chased her husband of 51 years into the bedroom, began ``stabbing at the door before gaining entry and flinging the knife at him, catching him in the lower leg,'' Donnell said.

Harris was freed from the St. Lucie County Jail late Monday under $10,000 bond, jailers said. They had no information on her legal representation.

Hurricane forecasters in Miami said earlier in the weekend that Isabel wasn't likely to hit Florida.

If this thing decides to hang a left all of sudden, this guy won't hear the end of it.


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Nothing like a woman with a knife to get you of the sofa. That will teach his sorry ass.

Funny, I had a mini meltdown with the misses this morning about prepping for the storm. I had rounded up all the lawn furniture and put it in the corner of the house next to the fence and she thought that wasn't going to cut it. The fence is 6 feet tall board on board and the house is brick, she thought the lawn chairs would launch themselves into projectiles and kill us all. Mind you I live in Northern Virginia at least 150 mile's off the coast. Lucky for me we were able to get over it and no kitchen items were brought into the picture.

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