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FS: 2 Skins vs. Vikings Tickets, Row 1 with Green Parking - Under Face Value


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Thanks for the plug, Kyle. Unfortunately uppers are all I can afford right now. Unlike you, I can't sponge off my daddy for his LL sideline seats, among other things.

Oh really, jackass...i actually pay for my seats! But unlike you I wouldnt waste money on crappy seats to the skins or in your case the wiz. If your going spend money on seats atleast have them in this atmosphere.

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Aren't you the guy who gets fired every 9 months?

I don't think the rest of the board cares about your whining or any of this other stuff, so how about we take it offline. Hope all is well with you.

Umm....no.....what was the last LEGIT job he held? mmmm.......................

Still living at home also?

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