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It's apparently an ESPN Insider thing, but I got a list of NFC East players and their rankings from CZ.

15 Cowboys DeMarcus Ware

16 Eagles Nnamdi Asomugha

22 Giants Justin Tuck

26 Eagles Trent Cole

29 Cowboys Jason Witten

55 Eagles Jason Peters

68 Giants Hakeem Nicks

71 Giants Kareem McKenzie

74 Eagles DeSean Jackson

78 Cowboys Jay Ratliff

82 Cowboys Terence Newman

83 Eagles Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

88 Giants Eli Manning

90 Eagles Michael Vick

91 Cowboys Tony Romo sits to pee

96 Eagles Cullen Jenkins

98 Giants Chris Snee

103 Eagles LeSean McCoy

105 Cowboys Miles Austin

109 Cowboys Doug Free

116 Giants Terrell Thomas

119 Redskins Chris Cooley

121 Eagles Asante Samuel

122 Redskins Brian Orakpo

132 Giants Osi Umenyiora

138 Redskins London Fletcher

161 Giants Mathias Kiwanuka

176 Eagles Jason Babin

179 Giants Ahmad Bradshaw

193 Cowboys Felix Jones

198 Cowboys Mike Jenkins

Um...yeah lol :ols:...I guess that goes along with having a younger team--not too many established players on the Skins right now. Still surprised neither of our starting safeties made the list.

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that list is a complete joke. I guess thats why the people making that list arent working in the league. Laron Landry isnt one of the top 200 players in the nfl is laughable

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the cowboys starting coners are both on that list but they couldnt cover my grandman last year, makes perfect sense

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Wow, I'm shocked they even know who London Fletcher is. I'm also shocked that they don't have their squeeze Tony Romo sits to pee higher. I think they may have actually thought about this list longer than the time it takes for Sean Salisbury to email a picture of his junk around the office. Also Desean Jackson should be higher.

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Funny how a 6-10 team has 9 players in the top 200. (Including Felix Jones and his ONE rushing TD and Jenkins, HAHAHA)

Between the Giants, Cowboys, and Eagles there are 28 players on that list which is 14% of the entire list.

Not only that but each of them have a QB, RB, WR and an OL as well. No way we can keep up with out 1 offensive player to make the list a TE.

The Redskins have 3 and all are at the bottom 1/2. There should be about 0 chance that we beat any of those teams, but watch them act like they expected it if the Redskins win some of them.

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Vick is probably better than listed there. Jones, Witten, Ratliff, and Newman are Cowboys rated too high. They seem to put a lot of value on the TE position which is odd because the trade value for the position is so low. As others said, Cooley may not even be the best TE on our team. So who is scouts inc.? Looking at the list, my first thought is either they have no connection to current front offices or we now know what Vinnie has been upto since leaving the Redskins.

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Terrell Thomas over Brian Orakpo and LaRon Landry?

But, by far, the most insulting one is ranking London Fletcher so low. He's the best linebacker I've ever seen play here, an all-time franchise great. There is simply no way on Earth he isn't one of the 25-30 best football players in the league. When's the last time you can remember him not executing an assigment perfectly or breaking off and making the perfect read on a play?

That's just plain disrespectful. **** ESPN and their stupid lists.

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ESPN's football analysis is just awful. Just read Profootball Focus folks. PFF is so far ahead of everyone else in terms of analysis and grading that almost nobody else (well maybe FO) is really worth your time. There isn't anyone major covering the gaps in PFFs analysis.

Go read PFFs lists of who the best players were last season and we'll have several guys in the top 10-15 at their positions, including new editions like Stephen Bowen and Barry Cofield :).

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Too be completely honest, did you guys expect anything else? Like stevemcqueen said, if you want real analysis, then go to ProFootballFocus or a site like it. ESPN is all about getting people to read stuff on their site, not judging who is better. Of course there are going to put big names all over the list and players from popular teams.

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Cooley isn't close to being the best player on our team and there is a chance he isn't even the best TE

Don't be too loud about that, lol...trust me.

I am shocked that Terrance Newman is in the top 100? WTF? Did they let Wingo make suggestions on this list?

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