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Help a Redskins Fan who spent six months volunteering throughout the US


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I have watched this message board rally behind Skins related causes before (Cheif Zee voting, getting games shown at foreign military bases,etc.) and need your help supporting a die hard Redskins fan.

Keith Donohue spent four months last year driving around the country volunteering in every state, Canada, and Mexico (www.50give.com). The goal of this trip was to increase volunteerism for people in the 20/30s and to provide national recognition for small non-profits making a positive impact. As a result of that he has been nominated for the Stay Classy Awards (Oscars for Non Profits) and is currently ranked number 11. If he can get in the top 10 he has the opportunity to win money all of which he will donate to the charities he worked with.

So if everyone would help out and:

Click - StayClassy Link:


Select: “Volunteer Of The Year”

Select: “Keith Donohue / Positive Present (50Give)”

Select: “Vote” (X out pop-up box with "to cast your vote")

Select: “Submit My Ballot” (upper right gold button)

Select: "Submit Vote" (Inside small pop-up box)

Select: They will ask for minimal information, easily done via a quick Form or Facebook Connect.

Done: Thank you for your help.

I have been around here long enough to know that this is in the wrong Forum and am ok with getting a NNT. However, I know this is where it is most likely to be read the most and I think this is for a good cause.

Again thank you to anyone who is willing to take the time to help Keith out.

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