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For Sale: 2 Giants Tickets: Sec 40 Row 3, on Aisle, Dream Seats, w/ Purple Parking


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Section 40, Row 3, Seats 1-2 on the aisle, right at the [ATTACH]45630[/ATTACH]

I am selling these tickets on ebay right now, but I would rather sell them to a board member.

That listing is getting close to the reserve, so I expect they will be gone at the end of that auction.

Let me know if you are interested by sending me a PM through this site.

If we can work it out far enough in advance of the game, I will cover shipping.

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BUMP. Again, please reach out to me with a PM. I would much rather sell to a participant here than through eBay. Definitely would rather they go to a Skins fan vs. a Giants fan. Thanks.

BUMP. I am also going to post a single thread today with the remainder of the games I am looking to sell.

Pushing this one to the top since the eBay auction this one is on is closing in the next 48hrs.

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