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Someone mentioned in The Moose Johnston post about how terrible he was. I agree. So with that in mind..who is the Top TV game announcers(duo) today in this boards opinion? I used to really enjoy Dick Stockton and Matt Millen. Right now,IMO, there is no clear-cut best tv duo. :dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

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Right now, I'd have to say Phil Simms is my favorite color guy. He gives quality information without condescending to the know-nothing-about-football audience, and intersperses his commentary with good anecdotes from his experiences in the league.

He also isn't afraid to call 'emm like he sees 'em, and won't mince words when he critcizes someone.

As for play-by-play guys, I tend to agree with you DP44, there isn't anyone out there who floats my boat. Michaels is solid, but overrated IMO. Musberger still is a favorite of mine, but he rarely does football, working for that "other" network. I do enjoy his college games though.

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