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I'll preface to say that I've only recently begun paying really close attention to the punting game, so my observation may be way off-base.

But, it seemed like Morton was fair-catching a lot of balls yesterday (particularly in the second half) on punts where he had some room to work. I know it wasn't Morton on the punt following the safety, but a fair catch was called when there wasn't a Falcon within 10 yards of Johnson.

Did anyone else notice this or am I mistaken?

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No, Sonny blasted Johnson for that play. However, I'd counter that I'll take a fair-catch (especially after a momentum changing safety) anyday over a return man waving the ball around with one hand, or bobbling the punt. If thats our biggest problem, than we're okay IMO. I was more concerned with Morton bringing one of them out of the endzone when he clearly should have taken a knee. He hasn't really broken one for us yet and I think he's pressing a bit. I'm sure he'll hear about being more patient and smart when they review the films this week.

As for Barker, he was great yesterday, and although I blasted him last year, and hoped we'd get a replacement this season, I've got to say he's done a great job so far and should get some credit. If theres an area of our kicking game that I'd like to see improve, its Hall's kickoffs which have been surprisingly average rarely getting into the endzone.

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