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John Beck "HOPE" T-shirts

Cool as Crud

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So I just couldn't help but notice the similarity between the hope/faith many had for Obama leading up to the last election and that which many of us have for John Beck. Will he be our franchise quarterback for the next four years? You Decide!

Click my signature to see / order the t-shirts. Shirt is burgundy with gold text, and features the image in my sig.

FRONT: large graphic (signature pic)

BACK: John Beck for Quarterback 2011

SLEEVE: 12 (beck's #)

Thanks for looking - HAIL!

Spreadshirt prices them under $25. Order 7 or more, and it looks like you get free shipping.

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Thanks but, while perhaps appropriate, I don't think the surrender flag would be quite as impressive as the terrible towel.

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LOL. Not even close. ;) I was referring to what the Beck T will most likely become in 3-4 weeks.

With that said' date=' you did do a very good job with the T. I dig the design.[/quote']

I appreciate the compliment on the design. Hopefully others aren't influenced by your pessimism. :shutup:

In my mind, the shirts would remain extremely relevant under several scenarios:

(1) Grossman named Week 1 starter: every interception met my chants of "We Want BECK!"

(2) Beck named Week 1 starter & performs well: "see, our dark horse is THE GUY!"

(3) Beck named Week 1 starter & performs poorly: "we still have hope - give him time!"

See what I mean? You should probably get one today :D

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