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MG: Ontario city mystified by whole lotta shakin' underground


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Ontario city mystified by whole lotta shakin' underground

WINDSOR — For months, residents of south and west Windsor have been wondering and worrying about vibrations of unknown origin.

And now, those mysterious rumblings under the city have found a new believer — the city's Ward 10 Coun. Al Maghnieh, who says it's time to start taking the phenomenon seriously.

"It's very present and real," he said.

Maghnieh added that those who think the phenomenon is a joke or that its proponents are "crazy" need to grasp the implications in terms of health and the environment.

"I mean, it's actually scary to think that this is going on and we still can't pinpoint what it is," he said.

"This is potentially very dangerous."

Maghnieh said he first started receiving calls from concerned citizens back in March.

But it wasn't until the early hours of Friday morning — when he'd arranged to visit the homes of rumble witnesses — that he experienced the sensation himself.

"It's a very sharp, consistent rumble sound," Maghnieh said. "Sometimes it's like a hum."

The city councillor said that at one point, he put a half-full water bottle on the ground and could see the vibrations causing ripples on the water's surface.

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Dear Mr. Maghnieh.

There are these people called "geologists". They can be found all over the world and many can be found at most any university. They use these magical devices called "seismographs" that believe it or not, can record mystical tremblings of the earth better than a bottle of water. I know this is a stretch, but I would recommend speaking to one of the wizards who use these magic boxes. It may be that they can help.

Signed - a concerned friend.

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