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Poll: In order to solve our fiscal issues, the ONLY thing we need to do is


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with the three choices above I have to choose "drastically reduce spending"

Choice #2 will only satisfy Liberal Wet Dreams and will not even come close to "solve our fiscal issues"

Choice #3 has flaws in that tax hikes are not necessarily needed if you can provide tax stability instead then you remove some of the uncertainty that is causing people (and businesses) to be hesitant to act with capital investing (read - Job expansion) If you keep the rates where they are and increase employment tax revenue will rise.

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There is no one thing to be done. Even the third option won't cut it. No, this is a fubar situation and we are fubared. Time to take our medicine.

Healthcare reform

15% annual spending reductions from every agency minimum.

Tax code shredded

Public Works projects

Stop policing the world, sorry, just can't afford it.

And for the record, raising capital gains tax will affect most of us that own houses, have any sort of investment of any kind. Don't think it's just the "rich" that have to pay capital gains.

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Can we add option 4, reinstate Glass-Steagle? It'd seperate this faux financial speculation economy from the real one, based on concrete goods and services. The other poll options won't solve anything.

Our debt is a sham to begin with, buying up toxic gambling debts from major banks and calling it a bailout is laughable. And we owe the banks for this?

smh, people will believe anything they're told.

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I voted for both. However, rather than raising taxes, they need to get rid of the all the loop holes in by simplifying the tax code. A flat tax would fix a lot. Keep it simple. and cut spending at the same time - SS, Medicaid, Medicare reform, etc...

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I say tax increases included with drastically cutting spending coupled with serious entitlement reform is the solution to getting the budget in order with the best long term prognosis. The tax increases need to be fair (in that everyone bears an equal burden) and need to come with a caveat that will come back down once we get our spending and debt in order. Tackling our deficits each year would be nice too.

I am entirely certain that none of these things will be seriously considered, let alone implemented.

It was a great run America...

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The funny thing is that in keeping with the idea that everything should be on the table, and every little bit helps, this really should be part of the solution.

if we put a high enough tax on it to be worthwhile it will just drive underground/blackmarket imo

worth looking at,but I don't see it generating a lot over the headaches

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Both of course... and then some.

Drastically cut spending, yes.

Raise taxes on the rich, yes.

But hell, why stop at the rich? The middle class need to pay more taxes as well. What, you guys want to talk all that **** but can't back it up? I'll gladly pay more taxes, won't you?

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agreed...but, so do economists and policy makers

like the housing market would keep going up or the lottery would fund the schools?:ols:

Skip the savings fantasy and tell me how much revenue it will generate,that will tell ya if it is worth then looking at ancillary costs

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