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As many of you know, Karla (georgiaredskin) and I met through this very website, got married in April, and are in the process of living happily ever after.

Just a couple months after the wedding and we're already expecting our first child! We aren't going to find out the sex until he/she is born, but there's a poll up with this thread where you can take your guess. Thanks ES! We literally couldn't have done it without you!

So far momma is about 16 or 17 weeks along and doing great!

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Big congrats

As a parent, we all know that kids like to be defiant. He will grow up to be a Cowboy. Now if that doesn't put fear into you, then think about having a girl knowing that there is going to be a guy like you were out there chasing her as a teenager.

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Don't put a mental image of cheerleaders in some of these guys minds K.

I know it will be a long while before legal, but some of these leg humpers will start a calender.

Just kidding. Don't want to offend the sensitive. :silly:

I bought my nephew Redskins and Orioles gear to rock a few years back. I didn't care that his father was a Patriots/Red Sox Fan. haha. He was the best dressed kid in daycare.

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