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Man, is anyone else in Hampton Roads getting smoked the hell out?

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So the dang swamp's caught fire and it's been smoking like crazy for the last week or something like that. It's really bad today and doesn't look like it's gonna be letting up any time soon...


Ain't even worth going outside today, Lord have mercy put that thing out ! :(

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I just came home from spending a little over a week down in W-burg. Everything was fine, nice and clear, until the wind shifted yesterday and all the smoke blew across the region. Instant haze over EVERYTHING. It was ridiculous.

I'm glad our vacation ended when it did, because my youngest daughter (1 yr old) started to get a really horrible pneumonia-sounding cough as soon as the smoke blew in. I hope it clears up without becoming anything serious, but we'll be taking her to the doctor either way. Poor thing.

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