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Hello to all my main Hogs in the States! I'm getting ready for my 29th year as a Skins fan - and I have never been so excited about a season. I am getting a good feeling about this year. What has Mikey been doing? USING HIS DAMNED BRAIN AND GETTING FRESH, YOUNG TALENT.

So I wrote you guys a poem. First, I want to say that when the season kicks off, all of us lot in England will be respecting that sad day 10 years ago, 9/11. RESPECT AND LOVE TO YOU ALL.

Now check this out and good look to the Skins this year (I got an NFL game pass again, and can watch every single game! Do you know how COOL that is?! I wish we'd had the Internet in 1983!)

Shanahan is the coach,

Danny Snyder, can now boast.

the man is a winner,

you know that he’ll deliver.

a team of fresh young blood

dispensed with all the rust,

Rex in Red, the

Pittsburgh defence, sure bled!

a man named Helu,

The running game a-new!

a guard name-D HURT

the Cowboys will lose skirts,

Straight as an arrow, Our kicker Graham Gano!

The man went three and oh! Straight down the middle!

Steelers fame of shame

Fed-ex field took the blame,

our new dynasty has begun

the Redskins having fun!

glory days will be returning

For Hogs fan, with such yearning!

Hail to the Redskins! Hail victory!

Braves on the warpath!

Fight for ol’ DC!

William loves you guys!

Let’s reach up to the skies!

The Superbowl could be…


Warm Regards,

William, England.


Very early days...but damn, let's BELIEVE. If we BELIEVE, the team will follow! I BELIEVE!!!

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